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Deep Tantric Bodywork, Joyful Dominance, Sophisticated Indulgence.

A versatile and multi-faceted dish for the connoisseur, a gentle guide for the newly minted, I am here to create space for your emotional freedom and deepest desires. At the heart of it, I am a compassionate companion, delighted paramore, adventurous muse and Dominant provocateur.

Relaxed and creative, I value a genuine connection over all else.

I have well over a decade of experience with Tantra, BDSM, the study of human sexuality, and alternative healing modalities. I work with many techniques both energetic and physical to open your heart, address your challenges and heal your body. I specialize in deep tissue bodywork, tantric exploration and intimate bdsm.

I began my foray into the world of kink and sexual inquiry in my teens, looking to spiritually based methodology, modern practitioners, and hands on work in the laboratory of my life to gain knowledge and skill.  My passion for intelligent intimacy has never diminished, but it is dynamic and ever changing.  I offer you access to my experience, while I remain intensely interested not only your obsessions and peccadilloes, but in our mutual enjoyment and a sense of sanctuary in each others company.

I am Eurasian, with waist length silky, dark hair and dark hypnotic eyes.

My facility is completely private, tasteful and fully equipped. When traveling I keep the same standards and expect the same of you if I come to your upscale hotel or residence. Verification is always required. Please be prepared.